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I was delighted to review Bosch, the TV series based on the Michael Connelly books, for the Booklist Blog. I’m re-posting here.

Mysteries on the Small Screen: Bosch


Title: Bosch

Starring: Titus Welliver, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, Jamie Hector

First aired: February 2015

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime

The Black EchoTwo remarkable things happened in 1992 that will forever be intertwined in my mind; my daughter was born and so was Harry Bosch. The Black Echo won the Edgar Award for Best First Mystery Novel and remarkably, the series has continued to grow even stronger. For me, Michael Connelly is the finest crime fiction writer working today.

Connelly has had films made of The Lincoln Lawyer and Blood Work, and they were not memorable. Then the Bosch TV series was announced. I knew that Connelly had held out for someone who shared his vision, and he found that with Eric Overmyer (Treme, The Wire). I knew Connelly was going to be hands-on with the project, and I knew I would watch it—but what I didn’t know was if I would like it.

Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is a Los Angeles homicide detective who loves his job, his city, and jazz. The series reflects all that, and the nuances that brought Harry to life on the page are now reflected on the screen in Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. He’s younger and better looking than he is in the books, he’s a veteran of the Gulf War instead of the Vietnam War, and some of the timeline has changed, but the changes make sense. Best of all, this is a TV series so there is no need to solve a crime in 90 minutes.

city of bonesConnelly says, “It has been an incredible experience being involved in telling these stories again. From writing to casting to choosing locations, my involvement is full and feels like a hyper-surreal replay of what goes on in my head when I’m writing a Bosch novel. But all the chess pieces so to speak are real and flesh and blood. It’s pretty wonderful to spend time in this alternate universe.”

I have had a 20-plus year relationship with Harry Bosch, and all I can say is Titus Welliver nailed it. I fell in love with Harry all over again. The rest of the cast is spot on as well, and some will be familiar to fans of HBO’s The Wire. Jaime Hector as Bosch’s partner, Jerry Edgar, and Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving are perfectly cast, as is Amy Aquino as the lieutenant.

Bosch is a smart police drama with compelling characters and interesting storylines that should appeal to fans of the books and fans of cop shows. The attention to detail really pays off, from shooting on location in Los Angeles to filming in the actual LAPD detective bureau.

The first season starts off with Harry involved in a civil suit after he kills a fleeing suspect. Meanwhile his new assignment comes when the old bones of a badly abused child are found in the woods, and there is a serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles. These stories all intertwine, and the superior writing and acting makes Bosch perfect for binge-watching.

There have been two seasons, 10 episodes each, produced so far, and a third season has been green-lighted.

Season 1 focuses mainly on City of Bones with elements from Echo Park and The Concrete Blonde. Season 2 focuses mainly on Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote. The upcoming season 3 will focus on The Black Echo and elements of A Darkness More than Night.

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2 Responses to Review: BOSCH

  1. Karen Hansen says:

    One of my favorite authors and tv shows

  2. Mary Songer says:

    I’ve read all the Harry Bosch books and I was nervous to see the series but I love it. Titus Welliver is perfect and the rest of the cast is first rate. I hope it continues for many seasons to come. Makes Amazon Prime more worth it.

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