CITY OF THE LOST by Kelley Armstrong

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Casey Duncan Novels, Book 1

Casey and her college boyfriend, a mobster’s son, are mugged and he takes off, leaving her to get beaten within an inch of her life. When she is sufficiently recovered, she kills the boyfriend and is never caught.

In an ironic twist, Casey becomes a cop, quickly moving up the ladder to homicide detective. Her only personal relationships are with a bartender she’s using for sex, and her friend Diana, who she protects from a crazy, abusive ex-husband. +

The mobster finds Casey and Diana’s ex shows up and things get ugly. In desperation, they decide to try and get into Rockton, an invisible town in the Yukon where people go to disappear. They apply and are accepted as there has been a murder in town, and a good detective would be an asset. There are more gruesome murders, and in a town this small, everyone is suspect.

Rockton is completely off the grid – no electricity, running water, or Internet, and is ruled by martial law. I’ve read a couple of books with towns reminiscent of Rockton, most notably The Pines by Blake Crouch and more recently, Make Me by Lee Child, so I was expecting this to go in a much darker, different direction than it took. Not that this was light reading by any means.

At heart this is a blood-soaked locked room mystery on steroids; lots of tension and enough twists make this an all nighter.

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5/16 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

CITY OF THE LOST by Kelley Armstrong. Minotaur Books (May 3, 2016).  ISBN 978-1250092144. 416p.



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