THE GIRL FROM HOME by Adam Mitzner

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Jonathan Caine is living the dream; successful hedge fund manager with multi-million dollar bonuses, trophy wife, New York City apartment with breathtaking views. The hedge fund relies on the Russian ruble; when that starts tumbling, so does the hedge fund and Caine pulls a fast one to recover.

Of course he gets caught, then fired, which he neglects to tell his wife. Eventually everything comes to a head; there is an FBI investigation and his wife throws him out, demanding a divorce.

With all his assets frozen and nowhere else to go, Caine ends up back home, while his father, suffering from dementia and other ailments, is in a nearby nursing home.  Caine starts mending fences with his father and his sister, and while home he attends his 25th high school reunion where he hooks up with Jackie, the former prom queen, still beautiful and stuck in an abusive relationship.

Things develop quickly between Caine and Jackie and when her husband finds out, everything just spirals out of control. Caine is an unlikely hero, but his smarts ultimately redeem him in this fast paced, twisty thriller.

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THE GIRL FROM HOME by Adam Mitzner. Gallery Books (April 5, 2016).  ISBN 978-1476764283. 336p.


From Paul Lane:

Adam Mitzner presents an extremely engrossing story revolving around Jonathan Caine, a brilliant and very successful currency trader.  Jonathan has made himself a fortune trading currencies for a huge hedge fund.  He has a beautiful wife,  a multimillion dollar condo in a prestigious part of Manhattan and nothing but expectations of continuing in the same vein.  A problem crops up when a big customer suddenly gets edgy and demands that he be paid off on his investment.  The fund at that moment does not have the liquidity to pay and Jonathan has to resort to what is actually an illegal move in order to get the funds.  He is caught, fired from the fund and possibly subject to prison for the crime.

When circumstances become bad for him Jonathan finds that he is sitting on a house of cards.  His wife leaves him, he loses the condo and he is forced to flee to his home town where he intends to care for his ailing father.  He also decides while there to attend the 25th anniversary of his High School graduation.  At this affair he meets Jacqueline Williams who was the prom queen at his graduation and did not give him a tumble at that moment.
This time there is a mutual attraction turning into love between the two spoiled only by the existence of Jackie’s husband.  The man is abusive and jealous of every movement Jackie makes, and she has thought how to get rid of him for a long time.  With nothing presenting itself and the husband refusing to let Jackie go thoughts turn finally to murder.
The last half of the book is about what becomes of these thoughts and how Jonathan and Jackie work things out. And of course, the prison sentence hanging over Jonathan’s head due to his illegal actions at the Hedge fund. The ending is very far from what the above circumstances might be in other novels causing the reader to find that he or she has been reading what is a brilliantly worked plot.  Mr Mitzner continues on his path of being a well sought after author.

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