FAR FROM TRUE by Linwood Barclay

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Promise Falls Trilogy, Book 2

Barclay presents the second novel in Promise Falls trilogy, taking place in the town of Promise Falls. No surprise that characters and situations from the first book are present in this novel.

Further developments of action take place and lead the reader into additional insight into the people and plots that began in Broken Promise. The book opens when the horrific happening of a drive in movie screen falling down occurs, killing four people in their cars while watching the movie.

The daughter of one of the victims asks Cal Weaver, a private investigator, to look into the situation.  Cal investigates and discovers a secret room in the father’s house, which has obviously been used for sexual activities. He immediately finds that a number of DVDs have been stolen and may be the prime cause of the “accident” killing the woman’s father. At the same time, detective Barry Duckworth is attempting to solve two murders, one of which is three years old but believed by Duckworth to be connected to the present one.

Barclay is a master at making the protagonists in his books become real and having faults like everyone else. Detective Duckworth is overweight and is starting to experience the symptoms of cardiac problems.  These do not stop him, but do make him appear more normal. Duckworth’s wife is on him to watch his diet and take care of himself as would any spouse in a like situation.

As the lies surrounding the murders start, Weaver discovers facts pointing towards evil once buried, which is present in Promise Falls. Another murder occurs and both Duckworth and Cal pursue their investigations no matter where their findings take them.

The evil in the town’s past seem to point towards involvement with the present day. Far From True ends on a complete cliffhanger, with some things solved, but others still pending and awaiting solution.

The question arises, how many books are planned by Barclay involving Promise Falls, and can they be written as episodes rather than opening and closing.  There is no doubt that Linwood Barclay can almost effortlessly keep his readers glued to his books. Will he continue to do so if the series extends far out into the future?  I am a fan of his, and will continue to look for anything he comes out with as long as he keeps coming out with novels.

3/16 Paul Lane

FAR FROM TRUE by Linwood Barclay. NAL (March 8, 2016).  ISBN 978-0451472700.  480p.


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