THE SHUT EYE by Belinda Bauer

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Bauer writes intense psychological thrillers that move on the backs of her fascinating characters, and her latest is no exception.

Latham is the “shut eye,” a psychic, who is called in desperation to aid in the case of a missing twelve year old girl. Detective Chief Inspector Marvel is a cold, single minded investigator who never gives up, and keeps the case open. Marvel also has a murder to work on, except his superior orders him off the murder investigation to find a missing dog, and Marvel is infuriated.

Meanwhile another child is missing; four-year-old Daniel wandered off after his father accidentally left the front door open. The only evidence is a set of Daniel’s footprints through wet cement which disappear into nothingness, and his mother, Anna, turns those footprints into a shrine.  Anna becomes understandably depressed, then agoraphobic and starts sinking deeper and deeper into madness, until she turns to the shut eye herself. Latham won’t help her, but Anna starts getting visions, and it seems all these cases may hinge on those visions. 

Bauer is a unique voice in crime fiction who has won awards in the UK; hopefully she will find a wider audience in the US.

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THE SHUT EYE by Belinda Bauer. Grove Press (January 12, 2016).  ISBN 978-0802124852. 304p.


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