THE FIRST ORDER by Jeff Abbott

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The Sam Capra Series, Book 5

Sam Capra has been granted ownership by his employers of a chain of bars situated around the world, to be utilized both for expenses and income, as well as an excuse to travel to different areas. He works for a government agency and is a chief operative for them. Capra had previously seen a video of his brother, Danny, shot dead. At that time, he was picked up by the agency employing him and molded into the talented operative that he has become.

Capra has been looking on and off for his brother, not wanting to believe that he is dead. His search now takes him into the inner circle of Russia’s hierarchy, meeting with a group of men that support the corrupt Russian president Morozov. One of these men now wants Morozov killed and on American soil during a meeting there. Circumstances allow Capra to believe that it is his brother Danny that has been hired to assassinate Morozov.

The chase to find Danny, and stop him from killing the Russian leader, results in a worldwide, world wind search going from Pakistan to Brooklyn, New York and into the Caribbean, where the super rich enjoy themselves.

Like all books I’ve read by Jeff Abbott, action is continuous, writing crisp with a believable plot that draws the reader in and keeps him or her glued to the book.

1/16 Paul Lane

THE FIRST ORDER by Jeff Abbott. Grand Central Publishing (January 5, 2016).  ISBN 978-1455558414. 400p.



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