LOST IN HIS EYES by Andrew Neiderman

Lost in His EyesA story of marital infidelity told through the eyes of the wife. Clea Howard is married to a man that is more and more successful in his career as an Insurance company manager. They have a teen age daughter that is in the l6 going on 30 stage. A beautiful home, friends and possessions with time for Clea to enjoy everything since there is no need for her to work to help maintain their lifestyle. With all that she has Clea comes to the conclusion that she is unhappy with her marriage, and her role in the life that she has chosen.  At the seemingly right time she meets a man in the supermarket and begins an affair with him.

The man indicates that his name is Lancaster, he is independently wealthy, travels quite a lot and is very intelligent. Clea learns that somehow her lover knows everything there is to know about her and seems to anticipate her wishes. How is this possible since the meeting is by chance, but at the right time to allow Clea to think of other things beyond her seemingly failed marriage.

Lancaster anticipates Clea’s desires, and always is available for her when she wants him to be. What does he want? Where does he want to go with this relationship with the same question posed for Clea.

A fast read, one that is not overly complicated leading to an ending which is not telegraphed, but is correct for the characters described. Well done.

12/15 Paul Lane

LOST IN HIS EYES by Andrew Neiderman. Severn House Publishers; First World Publication edition (December 1, 2015).  ISBN 978-0727885425. 224p.



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