STORM FRONT by Robert Conroy

storm front conroyAn unexpected snowstorm becomes a monster and shuts down the town of Sheridan, Michigan.  No one forecasted what was going to happen. Not the National Weather Service, nor the majority of Meteorologists forecasting for major networks. But surprise, surprise, the unexpected storm dumps an enormous amount of snow in the area around Sheridan completely shutting down the town and causing havoc for the residents and the authorities charged with protecting them.

Conroy’s description of nature’s devastation and the damage caused by it is excellent. He also works with a scenario in which two killers have come into the town and can’t get out. A builder has put up many homes and other structures which do not conform to government code and not able to stand up to the pressures of the storm.

Meteorologist Wally Wellman working for a TV station and Police Officer Mike Stuart become the author’s go to characters in order to follow the events ensuing from the horrific snow fall. Both coincidentally have become involved with women that they are romantically attracted to; Officer Stuart with a school teacher new to Sheridan, and Wellman with the governor of the state with whom he had a short relationship years before.

The story provides an interesting read and one dealing with the real possibility of nature running wild, something which happens at frequent intervals in areas around the United States.

12/15 Paul Lane

STORM FRONT by Robert Conroy. Baen (December 1, 2015).  ISBN 978-1476780870. 240p.



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