Different Lie

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The norm for a couple when having a baby is for one to be working, and if financially possible, the other to take some time off to get the child off to a healthy start. All well and good unless you have the type of occupation that the “Silver Bear” AKA Columbus and his partner Risina have. Both were introduced in previous books by Derek Haas. They are a contract killer and his “fence,” who is the planner and guide in the assassinations.

An interesting new assignment arrives for the duo.  They are to kill someone named Castillo, who is strangely another assassin currently on the rise in the field. Castillo is aware of them and is as qualified as Columbus and looks forward to taking him out, reducing the competition. He is also aware that Columbus has a partner and a baby to take care of.  And the part that is of most interest is that Castillo has studied the methods of his rival and models himself after him.

Columbus’ orders are clear, i.e., kill Castillo and in an extremely choreographed battle of wits goes after him.  The book is short, but manages to keep the reader glued as one move results in a counter move throughout the descriptions. The ending is not telegraphed by any means and leaves a cliffhanger that just must be resolved in a later novel.

11/15 Paul Lane

A DIFFERENT LIE by Derek Haas. Pegasus (November 16, 2015).  ISBN 978-1605988993. 272p.


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