Hot in Chicago #2

This is the second book in the series but my first Meader read, and I’ll be back for more. This title made Publisher’s Weekly list of the best romances of 2015, so I requested a copy from the publisher and they sent it out immediately. A contemporary romance bordering on erotica but not quite crossing the line, Meader excels at heating things up page by page, and I couldn’t turn them fast enough.

I loved her main character, Alexandra Dempsey, Alex to everyone, a newbie firefighter in Chicago. She’s built like a real woman, has a big mouth and often acts on impulse – hey, she reminds me of me! At least when I was that age.

Alex comes from a mixed up family of firefighters, with foster brothers, half brothers, I think – not entirely sure how they were all related. She has two sisters-in-law, maybe, and they are also her best friends. Alex’s impulsive ways get her national fame when she chops up a $400,000 car after the occupant goes on a homophobic, misogynist rant while she is trying to save him. The mayor steps in and keeps the ranter from suing her, but there is a lot of history between the mayor, his family and Alex’s family – not much of it good.

Later Alex responds to a call at a hotel, and while checking the building finds the mayor close to unconscious. She gives him her air, and in the process saves him but then he has to save her when she faints from the smoke inhalation. But that meeting sets something ablaze besides the fire. The mayor becomes obsessed with Alex, and finagles her into “fake dating” him while he’s running for reelection. They have real chemistry but Alex puts the brakes on until her sister-in-law convinces her to just use him for sex.

I liked how the mayor respected her boundaries, and I loved their chemistry. This was a sizzling romance for sure and I’m looking forward (and back) for the rest of the series.

11/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

PLAYING WITH FIRE by Kate Meader. Pocket Books (September 29, 2015). ISBN 978-1476785929. 384p.



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