SUNFAIL by Steven Savile

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Jake Carter, a former Special Forces operative, now works as a New York City subway electrician. As the book opens, Jake is contacted by a woman that he hasn’t seen or talked to in over a decade to advise him of an international plot to take over the world.

Almost immediately he encounters two young men apparently spreading graffiti on the subway walls. He realizes that the graffiti are actually messages in a lost language and that the “Hidden” are communicating with each other. He finds that the Hidden are groups of the richest and most powerful people on earth that his ex-girlfriend alluded to, and the messages are a call to arms for them.

A raid is launched against Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn by a band of terrorists supported by the Hidden. At the same time thousands of birds begin falling out of the sky. Dogs begin running wild and howling on the streets.

Jake begins an investigation of his own which is seemingly against all logic with his life being threatened at every turn. How do you fight against an enemy that can’t be seen? How do you stop the richest and most powerful people on the planet from taking what they want?

A conundrum almost impossible to solve but Jake goes against these impossible odds. The book is pure entertainment which requires more than a little stretch of the imagination to imagine that one person can prevail against the might stacked against him. Given this stretch makes Sunfail an entertaining read and one that will keep the reader going until the end.

11/15 Paul Lane

SUNFAIL by Steven Savile. Infamous Books (November 3, 2015).  ISBN 978-1617754067.  300p.

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