NO GOOD DEED by Allison Brennan

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Lucy Kincaid Novels (Book 10)

All hands are on deck when former DEA agent turned murderer Nicole Rollins escapes on her way to testify against drug lord Tobias, leaving several dead law enforcement officers and a bus load of frightened children who narrowly escaped a bomb on board the bus.

Lucy Kinkaid and Sean Rogan are just two of the agents trying to find Collins amid a massive manhunt, but there is contention about who the real mastermind is behind her escape. The general consensus is that she has fled the country but Kinkaid has her doubts about that too. Most of the agents believe Tobias is running the show, but Kinkaid, a psychological profiler, is leaning more towards Collins being in charge.

Brennan turns the tables a bit in this 10th entry into this terrific series, offering up the antagonists’ point of view, and the tight plotting and all the action make this a true page turner. This chilling, twisty tale of revenge is the denouement of the last few books of the series, but there is enough explanation to allow new readers to be able to enjoy this latest entry on its own.

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NO GOOD DEED by Allison Brennan. Minotaur Books (November 3, 2015).  ISBN 978-1250064332. 480p.


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