ANYONE BUT YOU by Jennifer Crusie

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Jennifer Crusie writes great contemporary romances, and I wish she’d write a new one. This book is from 1996, released as an eBook a few years ago. But it’s a great story and a quick read.

Nina Askew just turned 40. Newly divorced after she realized she hated being married to a high powered lawyer who wanted her to be his socialite. She didn’t hate the guy, just the marriage and is happily working for a small nonfiction press as an editor.

She gets herself a birthday present, the dog she always wanted and her husband wouldn’t let her have, and she decides to teach Fred how to climb out the window and down the fire escape into the fenced in yard to do his business. But he ends up in the 2nd floor apartment below hers, and Alex brings the dog back.

Alex just turned thirty. He’s an emergency room doctor from a family of doctors, all with high paying, high stress specialties, and they think he is hopeless. Alex and Nina form a friendship, watching old movies and playing with Fred. Nina is very drawn to him but is not comfortable with her 40 year old body and can’t imagine that Alex would be interested. Alex is very interested, but afraid of scaring Nina off.

Eventually they get together, with a lot of laughter and some great sex along the way. Terrific characters, lots of laughs, hot sex and a good story line are Crusie’s hallmarks, and this one is no exception. She hasn’t had a new book for a few years, and I miss her.

10/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

ANYONE BUT YOU by Jennifer Crusie. Harlequin HQN (October 15, 2012). ASIN: B0098ISVMY. 288p.

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