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Caitlin Strong is a kick ass Texas Ranger and one of the toughest female protagonists around. In this seventh outing, she has a lot on her plate.

She’s called to investigate 30 missing children, one of whom is her boyfriend Cort Wesley Masters’s son, who all seem to have vanished while on a camping trip. Then she’s brought in to help negotiate with a crazed rancher who is holding his family hostage, claiming that aliens have taken his cattle and he will kill his family before he lets the aliens take them.

There are various subplots including a billionaire businessman who has a genetically engineered pesticide that is causing cancer and controversy, Navy Seals in Afghanistan back in 2003, and some really nasty Russians that add yet more layers to this complex tale.

How everything ends up tied together is at the crux of the story, and it moves at lightning speed. Also interspersed is some background about Strong’s family – she is fifth generation Texas Ranger.

Fans of the series and readers who like their women fearless and smart will love this story.

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10/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

STRONG LIGHT OF DAY by Jon Land. Forge Books; First Edition edition (October 13, 2015).  ISBN 978-0765335128. 352p.


2 Responses to STRONG LIGHT OF DAY by Jon Land

  1. Female leads have always proven to be some of the most interesting and thought provoking in the pile of fiction I have read over the years. When written well, that is. I went through the police academy with the first woman officer in my department and had the opportunity to work with many over my career. There were, like men, good and bad. But I tried to blend bits of it all into the female characters in my fiction with a woman detective moving into a major role in the last two novels (ROPE BREAK and SIDE SLIP both scheduled for release in 2016). Very fun to write and a real stretch of my writer’s brain. This book is right up there on my “to read” list.

    • Stacy Alesi says:

      Thanks for your comment. Jon Land does a really good job writing strong women & fast paced, exciting thrillers. When someone tells me men can’t write women, I hand them a Jon Land book! Good luck with your books.

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