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Tidy picture of a hit man with a great twist. This is a man that only hits other hit men. Michael Hendricks was once a covert operator for a secret organization of the U.S. military.

Taking advantage of an assignment in Afghanistan that went bad and caused him to be thought killed in action, Hendricks began a new life. He left behind his old one, including the girl he was engaged to.

For 10 times the price offered for the murder of an individual he will kill the man sent to take out someone. A great way to make a lot of money but also to set himself up as a target for a lot of skilled murderers.

The novel follows him as he pursues his vocation until he comes across his ex-fiancée and her family. This changes the entire complex of the book and almost gets Michael killed.

A well done portrait of a man with no qualms about taking a life as a way of life.

10/15 Paul Lane

THE KILLING KIND by Chris Holm. Mulholland Books (September 15, 2015). ISBN: 978-0316259538. 320p.


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