THIS HEART OF MINE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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Chicago Stars Book 5

I don’t know why but I generally just don’t care for the covers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books, and this one is no exception. But I was looking for a fast read and I love her books and somehow missed this one so I went for it. Turns out this was her first hardcover book, although now it is available in paperback and eBook, which is how I read it.

The Chicago Stars are a fictional football team owned by Phoebe Calebow and run by her husband Dan. Phoebe inherited the team from her father and the rest of his 15 million dollar estate went to her younger sister Molly. After going on a shopping spree, Molly decided she didn’t like the life of the idle rich and gave away all her money, turning her hand to writing children’s books to make her living.

Molly is barely making ends meet but she’s happy until her publisher informs her they want some changes in her latest book due to political pressure. She decides to go off to the family cabin to console herself but is surprised to find Chicago Stars quarterback Kevin Tucker already there. Molly’s had a crush on him for a while and does something rather shocking, then has to live with the consequences. Molly is pregnant and Tucker, the son of a minister, does the obligatory thing and marries her.

Things don’t turn out as she planned but then what would the fun be in that. Kevin and Molly have a lot of ups and downs as they work towards an annulment and then a divorce, except that there has to be a happy ending and there is.

Phillips’ trademark humor is here as are her hot sex scenes, including some with a (gasp!) middle aged couple. I loved these characters and couldn’t help rooting for all of them. This is another charmer from the queen of contemporary romance. Now I have to go back and see if I missed any other books in this series!

9/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THIS HEART OF MINE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Avon (February 5, 2002). ISBN 978-0380808083. 420p.

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