ABANDON by Blake Crouch

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Blake Crouch is noted for his many suspenseful novels and most recently Wayward Pines, which was made into a successful television series. Abandon is the name of a small midwestern town that saw its entire population suddenly disappear on Christmas day, 1893. No trace was ever found of any of these people and their houses were found with food on the tables, personal belonging in place, no messages left and no answers to what had happened.

A history professor in present times hires two guides and enlists the aid of his estranged journalist daughter to try and find out what did happen to the people of Abandon. They travel to the town and begin attempting to find answers.

Crouch sets up a scenario in which events are described back and forth between 1893 and the present day search. The reader is introduced to the two sets of characters, their motivations and finally what happened by rapidly changing the scene from one group to the other. The differences between the professor and his daughter, Abigail, are part and parcel of the novel with a logical making up between the two as the search goes on.

The book is suspenseful, but not otherworldly as was Wayward Pines. The plot development and the method of using both sets of events, 1893 and the present day, keeps the reader glued to the book and anxiously awaiting the next steps in both periods. Very well done.

9/15 Paul Lane

ABANDON by Blake Crouch. Thomas & Mercer; Reissue edition (September 1, 2015). ISBN: 978-1503946194. 529p.

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