THE ETERNAL WORLD by Christopher Farnsworth

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The proverbial Fountain of Youth is a legend that has filled the minds of mankind for centuries. The Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon is reputed to have looked for it on his trips to the new World five hundred years ago with no success. Suppose a group of Conquistador’s had actually found it.  Would it have brought them great happiness as well as financial rewards, or would it prove to be a curse making living forever a horror because of its unnatural state.

Christopher Farnsworth brings us a novel based on the supposition that it was discovered by a group of Spanish soldiers 500 years ago in what is present day Florida. The soldiers kill the Utiza, i.e., the Indians living around the fountain in order to keep the prize for themselves. The only survivor is the Chieftain’ daughter, a girl named Shako who commences to hunt her people’s killers down through the ages to our times.

The source of the fountain is destroyed in our day and Simon de Olivares, the leader of the conquistadors is forced to try and get the water fabricated in order to continue life. The Spaniards have evolved the means to set up a very successful company and hire David Robinton, a scientific genius, who has been on the verge of a great discovery to come work for them in order to replicate the water needed to continue eternal life.

While David goes to work for the group the battle between the former Spanish soldiers and Shako nears a climax. Shako sets up a meeting with David and the two initiate a love affair while events move forward towards a climax between her and the Spaniards.

The reader must postulate the possibility of an actual fountain of youth in the hands of a group of people, but doing that will allow for a fast and rewarding read  An engrossing novel, that while not an all-nighter is entertaining and keeps the reader entertained. Certainly a book that will cause further investigations of Farnsworth present and future novels.

8/15 Paul Lane

THE ETERNAL WORLD by Christopher Farnsworth. William Morrow (August 4, 2015). ISBN: 978-0062282927. 352p.



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