ANGEL KILLER by Andrew Mayne

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A Jessica Blackwood Novel

Jessica Blackwood is a Special Agent with a unique set of skills. As the youngest member of a well-known family of magicians, she cut her teeth on stage. But, after an incident left her dangerously close to dying, she gave up the limelight to join the police force and then the FBI. These days her job as a forensic accountant may not be all that exciting, but it’s a respectable one that won’t endanger her life. Yet.

Someone calling themself Warlock has hacked the FBI system, leaving behind a clue to a gruesome and bizarre crime scene. The grave of a murdered girl has been desecrated, the body left to appear as though it’s been digging itself out of the ground. But the grave is that of a girl who was murdered two years ago and the body looks impossibly fresh, leaving everyone completely stumped. Given the exceptional circumstances, Jessica’s mastery of illusion and misdirection makes her the perfect choice for the investigating team. And when the media catches wind of her involvement, Warlock notices.

Andrew Mayne kicks off a stand out new series with Angel Killer. Jessica is probably the first ex-magician lead I’ve ever seen in a mystery/thriller (outside of paranormal reads, that is). And while Mayne has certainly established her as the perfect investigator for a crime involving illusion, he does also develop her as an investigator who thinks beyond what those around her do – meaning the series is not boxed in by having to feature cases involving “magic” at all.

7/15 Becky LeJeune

ANGEL KILLER by Andrew Mayne. Bourbon Street Books; Original edition (September 23, 2014).  ISBN 978-0062348876.  368p.


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