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A combination love story and mystery spanning 20 years. Nick Hansen fell in love with a girl named Marissa Minor while both were in college. To get married was definitely in the cards for them when a horrible accident, a house fire, killed four girls, including Marissa. Nick, devastated, was forced to go on with his life and eventually marries another woman who has a boy from a previous marriage. Nick was crazy about the boy, but unfortunately the couple divorced.

After the divorce Nick continues working at a dead end job and trying to continue seeing Andrew, his  ex-wife’s son. One day while in the grocery he is stopped in his tracks by a girl that is the exact image of his dead girlfriend Marissa. Nick attempts to speak to her but the girl runs off.

The next day the police come to his house and indicate that the girl he tried to speak to was found dead in her hotel room with Nick’s address in her possession. Convinced that there has to be a connection between the dead girl and his old girlfriend, Marissa, Nick asks for help from an old friend of his, Laurel Davidson, who works in the D.A.’s office.

Bell is tossing a lot of people at us during the course of the book but does succeed in tying all pieces together at the end to come up with a logical conclusion to what is happening. A fast read, keeping the reader’s interest, and possibly a little reminiscent of Harlan Coben’s novel Six Years, it does stand on its own as well done.

7/15 Paul Lane

SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW by David Bell. NAL (July 7, 2015). ISBN: 978-0451474209. 432p.

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