BUM RAP by Paul Levine

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Levine writes two popular legal series, the Jake Lassiter series and the Solomon and Lord series, and has cleverly brought all three of his heroes together in his latest outing.

Steve Solomon was in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to help Nadia, a Russian “B girl,” get her passport and back wages from Gorev. When Nadia pulls a Glock out of her purse, Gorev ends up dead, Nadia disappears with her passport and a mysterious bag she lifted from Gorev’s safe, and Steve is left literally holding the gun inside a locked room.

His law partner and significant other, Victoria Lord, hires Jake Lassiter to defend her man and the fun begins. Turns out Gorev was working for Benny the Jeweler, a nice old gent who also happens to be a major diamond smuggler.

The Russians and the FBI are after Nadia, but if Lassiter is able to track her down, will she corroborate Steve’s story that she shot Gorev, using Florida’s infamous “stand your ground” defense? All they know for sure is that Nadia was working as an informant and the Feds don’t want their investigation compromised.

Solomon’s usual roguish charm is subdued while he sweats it out in jail, Lord is scared but willing to trust Lassiter, and Lassiter is not at all sure he will be able to get his client off. The pages fly by and the laughs keep coming in this irresistible south Florida romp, a delicious mix of thriller and comic crime thriller.

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7/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

BUM RAP by Paul Levine.  Thomas & Mercer (July 1, 2015).  ISBN 978-1477829868. 352p.

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