DAY FOUR by Sarah Lotz

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Foveros Cruises has been plagued by bad press, so when things on The Beautiful Dreamer start to turn sour it’s no wonder the crew want to keep things under wraps. A fire breaks out in the engine room causing the ship to prepare for emergency evacuation. It never comes to that, but it does lead to the discovery of a dead girl in one of the staterooms. Dreamer security wants to chalk it up to “misadventure” but any investigation soon gets pushed by the wayside as they realize that the ship has lost power and is now drifting at sea. To make things worse, an outbreak of Norovirus has begun affecting both passengers and crew.

While those in charge try to remain positive, promising updates and rescue, the rest of the ship declines into a chaotic scene of violence and fear. No other ships have been seen for days, food and supplies are starting to dwindle, and the more superstitious on board are claiming supernatural forces are behind the whole thing.

Day Four is the absolute perfect summer read. It’s weird and creepy and hits all the right notes for anyone who enjoys somewhat offbeat/cross-genre reads.

Fans of Lotz’s The Three will quickly realize that Day Four is connected, though the connection doesn’t become clear until the end. Even still, there are questions after the conclusion making me wonder if Lotz has plans to further develop the premise with future installments. (I sincerely hope so.) You don’t have to have read The Three to start Day Four, though I would definitely recommend them both.

I should note that while The Three consists solely of articles, correspondence, and interviews, Day Four is a more traditional narrative. Anyone who might have struggled with Lot’s prior outing may find this latest easier to get into.

6/15 Becky LeJeune

DAY FOUR by Sarah Lotz.  Little, Brown and Company (June 16, 2015).  ISBN 978-0316242943. 352p.

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