INVASION OF PRIVACY by Christopher Reich

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Joe Grant, an FBI agent, meets a confidential informant on a dusty road outside of Austin, Texas. Both are killed and the FBI puts out the story that Joe was the killer and died in the shootout.
This opening scenario begins a high tech version of a conspiracy showcasing Christopher Reich’s command of the world of computers and the technology involved in advancing the field.
Joe’s wife Mary, mother of his two daughters, finds too many holes in the official version of Joe’s death and begins asking questions and pushing for their answers.  She is aided by a newspaper reporter who has been fired and considered a has been by his ex supervisors.
The first deviation from the official story put out by the FBI is a call from Joe while in the action that leads to his death. The message, on Mary’s cell phone, is not read and mysteriously disappears.  Mary and “Tank,” her reporter associate, are lead into a conspiracy involving the creation of the newest and most terrifying surveillance system yet developed.
Joe and Mary’s oldest daughter, teenaged Jess, is in her own right extremely capable in original work with computers, and on her own searches out  a world class computer expert  in order to get him to see if the missing call can be recovered. Mary, Tank, and Jess come up against people in positions of great power with vested interests in safeguarding the new surveillance system and retaining control of it to increase their own wealth and power.
The book is gripping and grabs hold of the reader right from the start.  It is typical Christopher Reich; intricate, fast moving and utilizing technology descriptions that the reader can relate to. Characterizations of the leading players is a normal Reich talent running all through his novels. An engrossing read.

6/14 Paul Lane

INVASION OF PRIVACY by Christopher Reich. Doubleday (June 16, 2015). ISBN: 978-0385531573. 384p.

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