RADIANT ANGEL by Nelson Demille

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A John Corey Novel

After chasing the master terrorist known as the Panther, John Corey leaves his job with the Anti Terrorist Task Force and returns to the U.S. after a harrowing experience in Yemen. He signs on with another agency known as the Diplomatic Surveillance Group based in New York City.

This is thought to be an easier job than his previous one with the FBI.  His wife, Kate Mayfield, continues with the bureau and is on a trip to Washington as this story unfolds.

When a Russian diplomat named Vasily Petrov, actually an officer in the Russian Foreign Intelligence service, disappears from a party being held in Southampton Long Island, Corey suspects a lot more than his agency does. He knows that Russia is on the way up again looking to return to it’s former dominant position in world affairs.

He suspects something is up beyond merely leaving the party with a group of prostitutes for outside play. Corey had been ordered to follow Petrov from the U.N. in New York City where Vasily has been assigned as a diplomat, and continues on this assignment with an underlying suspicion that something much bigger is really going on.

What the problem is and what it is aimed for is the theme of this novel.  DeMille is a master at creating the nerve racking events that comprise the book and this is one of his best.  It is a classic up-all-night read with Corey’s wisecracks being interspersed in the action.  The climax is so massive in projected scope that after solution when Corey finds that his wife has taken up with another man, he only finds room to take the news in stride and leave it for later.

Another satisfying novel from Nelson DeMille with the reader quite anxious to get the next one from him.

6/14 Paul Lane

RADIANT ANGEL by Nelson Demille. Grand Central Publishing; First Edition/First Printing edition (May 26, 2015). ISBN: 978-0446580854. 320p.

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