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The “Creeper” is a stalker who has been raping and beating beautiful young women and the police have no clues. All the victims describe him as a very angry monster, but none can give any kind of physical description.

Deputy Inspector Zoe Dolan is on the case, and when the Creeper escalates and beats his latest victim to death, Zoe’s frustration is almost overwhelming. She grew up the hard way and a local cop took her under his wing and set her straight. Now he’s dying, she’s having recurrent nightmares of her past, and this serial rapist turned killer are all combining to keep her up at night.

Jane works at an anonymous hotline and thinks she has been hearing the confessions of the killer, and finally there seems to be a break in the case.

Mosby writes the dark side of British crime fiction, and his real strength is in character development; all these women are well drawn and interesting, without a cliché in the bunch. Despite that, this is a book that preys on women’s fears, a psychological thriller that keeps building suspense with every passing page and throws in plenty of surprises.

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6/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THE NIGHTMARE PLACE by Steve Mosby.  Pegasus (June 15, 2015).  ISBN 978-1605987880. 336p.

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