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Matt Coyle introduced Rick Cahill in a previous book (the Anthony Award-winning Yesterday’s Echo.) Rick was a police detective when he was hit with the double whammy of the murder of his wife, and the accusation of his own guilt and arrest for the crime. He was released without explanation but due to the adverse publicity surrounding the murder and the suspicion of his guilt had to leave the area and relocate to another city.

Night Tremors takes up Rick’s life two years later at which time he is working for a firm of private detectives and devoting his time to providing proof of infidelity about a wife or husband for the other partner in a marriage. He is good at locating the evidence, but it is not the police work that he loved prior to the stain of suspicion in his wife’s murder that prevents returning to that career.

He is approached by an old nemesis of his to look into the case of an individual currently in prison for murder, to help exonerate that man for the crime. Rick jumps at the chance to do some real police work and takes a vacation from the firm he is working for in order to handle the investigation.

His inquiries take him from the wealthy enclaves of La Jolla to the dangerous areas of San Diego. He draws the ire of the police chief who tried to put him away for the murder of his wife, endangers his job, and causes a biker gang to try and stop him from investigating the murder committed by the imprisoned man.

The reader is pulled along by a writing style that is fast and crisp throughout the actual investigation. A logical, but not telegraphed ending, is the reward for enjoying the book and does set up additional novels about Rick Cahill. Very well done and and a novel that will keep the reader glued to the pages.

6/14 Paul Lane

NIGHT TREMORS by Matt Coyle. Oceanview Publishing (June 2, 2015). ISBN: 978-1608091492. 330p.

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