love & miss communicationEvie Rosen is addicted to the Internet. Her phone is always by her side and even in the most intimate of settings – well, the most intimate of settings Evie’s seeing these days, i.e. friends’ weddings and a few blind dates that go nowhere – she never misses a tweet or status update. It’s possible that her need to stay connected is affecting her friendships and relationships, or lack thereof… like the time she was called out for Googling one of those blind dates.

But then Evie is fired for spending too much of her work time on personal emails. Reeling over her new unemployment situation, Evie binges on a Facebook stalking session and discovers that her allergic-to-marriage ex has just tied the knot. The results of that revelation are embarrassing, to say the least, and prompt Evie to finally admit that she has a real problem. And so she decides to give it all up. But going Internet free isn’t necessarily easy, especially in a day and age when everyone is expected to take part in the social media circus. And for a girl who’s single and unemployed, it means getting a little creative about dating and job hunting.

Elyssa Friedland’s debut is a fun and eye-opening look at today’s always connected, always updating online frenzy. But it’s more than just a girl experiencing the inconveniences of internet-free living. Love and Miss Communication is a story about the importance of family, friends, and real connections rather than friend requests.

05/15 Becky LeJeune

LOVE AND MISS COMMUNICATION by Elyssa Friedland. William Morrow Paperbacks (May 12, 2015). ISBN: 978-0062379849. 400p.

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