LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sharon Bolton

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The Falkland Islands makes for an unusual setting in this twisty tale of missing children.

Catrin Quinn hasn’t been the same since her two children died while in the care of her best friend Rachel. It was an accidental death, but it cost Catrin their friendship and her husband Ben; he was able to move on, she was not. Her former lover Callen feels helpless; still in love with Catrin but not sure how to reach the damaged woman, while he suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome, a holdover from the Falklands War.

When a young boy goes missing, the local police chief is hesitant to blame any local residents, and wants to keep it quiet to protect the tourism trade. But it is the third such child to go missing in a year or so, and Callen figures it has to be a local.

Callen and Catrin find a body on a shipwreck, but even that isn’t enough to convince the authorities. Then a fourth child goes missing; Rachel’s youngest boy, and Catrin becomes the chief suspect.

A pod of beached whales that need to be euthanized adds another layer of horror to the story, and animal activists will not be happy with it.

Each of the main characters has a voice here; the story unfolds in sections, each by a different character leading to various points of view and adding to this compelling novel of suspense.

Note: Sharon Bolton also writes as S.J. Bolton

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LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sharon Bolton.  Minotaur Books (May 19, 2015).  ISBN 978-1250028594. 368p.

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