HOSTAGE RUN by Andrew Klavan

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Mindwar Trilogy (Book 2)

Part of a trilogy by Klavan about a high tech attack on America. A terrorist has created a mind world in order to carry out his planned cyber attack on the U.S. Opposed to them is a secret American government organization working to thwart the planned attack.

Rick Dial was a star quarterback when his career was cut short due to injuries suffered in an auto accident. Unable to walk his gaming instincts were called to the attention of the government agency who then recruited him. Rick had already been trained and sent into the mind world as was described in a previous novel.

Information is gathered about another planned attack from mind world and Rick is the only one that is available to go back in and thwart it. The terrorists, as a means of stopping Rick kidnap his best friend Molly and threaten to kill her if he does not stop his actions in the mind world. The plight Molly is in and her attempts to escape are delineated along side of Rick’s actions to prevent the attack on the U.S.

The novel is, of course, science fiction, but is highly imaginative and logical based on the facts presented. It is very well done as an adventure story and keeps the reader glued to the book. The story is planned to be continued in the next book in the series with the ending of this crafted to lead logically into the next.

3/15 Paul Lane

HOSTAGE RUN by Andrew Klavan. Thomas Nelson (March 17, 2015).  ISBN: 978-1401688950. 352p.

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