DEAD RED by Tim O’Mara

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Raymond Donne Mysteries (Book 3)

Former New York cop turned school teacher Raymond Donne returns in this solid third entry to the series set in trendy Brooklyn, New York.

Ray gets a call from an old friend from his days on the force, Rickey Torres, who picks him up in the taxi he’s been driving to help make ends meet. But before he can explain the middle of the night meeting, Rickey is killed and Ray injured when the cab is shot up.

Turns out Rickey was also working for a private investigator, Jack Knight, another ex-cop who shared some bad history with Ray. Nonetheless, Knight hires Ray to help out with a case, a missing teenage girl whose father is a public relations millionaire, and Ray agrees, hoping it will help him find out who killed Rickey and why, as Ray’s Uncle, the chief of police, gets involved as does Allison, his reporter girlfriend.

The characters may seem like stereotypes, but in O’Mara’s hands they come to life and comfortably bridge the suspension of disbelief. Another terrific mystery that should appeal to Robert Crais or Linda Fairstein fans.

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1/15 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

DEAD RED by Tim O’Mara. Minotaur Books (January 20, 2015). ISBN 978-1250058638. 320p.

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