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Reggie Heath got a great deal on his new office lease, but if he’d read the paperwork he’d have understood why. It’s his brother who points it out to him – a clause that stipulates that they, the holders of the new lease at 221 Baker Street, are responsible for handling correspondence addressed to a certain famed and fictional detective.

When Reggie’s brother Nigel becomes overly interested in one of the letters he hightails to America to track down the letter’s writer. But Reggie only realizes his brother is gone after discovering a dead body in his office. Reggie is almost certain there must be a connection and is forced to follow his brother to Los Angeles where they both find themselves in the midst of a decades-old mystery.

This first in Robertson’s series is quite fun! It’s a light mystery paying a bit of homage to Holmes while not being overly focused on Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. Rather the premise is that Reggie and Nigel – two trained lawyers – are dragged into a mystery thanks to the address alone. (Which means you don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes aficionado to enjoy this one.)

The Baker Street Letters is the first in the series. To date there are three additional titles that follow.

12/14 Becky LeJeune

THE BAKER STREET LETTERS by Michael Robertson. Minotaur Books; Reprint edition (February 1, 2011). ISBN: 978-0312650643. 288p.

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