Best Books of 2014: Becky LeJeune

Becky’s Top Ten of 2014

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BIRD BOX by Josh Malerman – a violent epidemic leads to the end of everything. Four years after its onset, Malorie has decided it’s time to try and create a new life for her and her two children. But this new life means risking everything. This is an eerie and unsettling debut, one that builds slowly and is worth savoring!

ROBOT UPRISINGS ed by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams – a fabulous collection of shorts based on the premise that artificial intelligence and technology can and will go wrong.

ABROAD by Katie Crouch – this dark thriller is loosely inspired on the Amanda Knox case. Abroad is a powerful read but also an emotionally draining one.

SINFUL FOLK by Ned Hayes – set in the winter of 1377, this story is based on a real incident wherein a group of village boys was killed in a suspicious fire. A group of villagers sets off to plead justice from the king, but one of their party is hiding secrets that could be a detriment to them all. This is a really fantastic historical tale, one with a surprising and gripping premise.

BLISS HOUSE by Laura Benedict – after an accident claims the life of her husband and leaves her daughter severely injured, Rainey decides it’s time for a change. She moves back to the old family estate but soon finds that it isn’t the refuge she’d hoped it would be at all. Benedict’s latest is excellent and chilling! It’s also the first in a series of titles to be set around Bliss House.

THIRD RAIL by Rory Flynn – Eddy Harkness’s last big case ended in massive embarrassment and suspension. In spite of his current attempts to keep his nose clean, Eddy finds himself in the midst of another sensitive case and on the brink of further trouble. This pseudonymous debut is a top-notch thriller packed with unexpected twists and turns.

MIND OF WINTER by Laura Kasischke – Christmas morning begins on an ominous note for Holly and her daughter. As a snowstorm rages outside, Holly revisits the strange occurrences that have plagued her family since their trip to a Siberian orphanage thirteen years ago. Mind of Winter is so incredibly creepy and atmospheric!

THREE SOULS by Janie Chang – this debut begins with the main character witnessing her own funeral. Before her soul can move on to the afterlife, she has something that she must atone for – but first she has to figure out what that something is. Three Souls is a beautiful book steeped in history and folklore.

WHITE SPACE by Ilsa J. Bick – a holiday getaway quickly turns dangerous in this first of the Dark Passages series. This is a bizarre tale that’s often compared to Memento and Inception. It’s trippy as all get out and readers seem to either love it or hate it – I’m firmly in the love category!

EX-PURGATORY by Peter Clines – this fourth installment of Peter Clines’s Ex-Heroes series (featuring superheroes and zombies) turns the entire series on its head. It’s spoilerific if you haven’t read the preceding three books, but it is also super fun and super clever.

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