THE VAULT by Emily McKay

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In the aftermath of the events at El Corazon, Carter and Mel are faced with the possibility of losing Lily altogether. Because Mel has already been turned, they know that Lily carries the same gene. The progression of the Tick virus has been slowed temporarily thanks to the medical team at El Corazon, but Carter knows the only way to save her is to find the cure. And the only way Carter and Mel can get the cure is to work hand in hand with the very people who betrayed them.

This third installment in McKay’s series begins right where The Lair left off. And though it would seem that things are improving for the trio, what with the assassination of Roberto and all, they’re facing just as much danger as ever.

Carter, Lily, and Mel – and even Sebastian – have come so far in this trilogy. With each new book, McKay continues to grow these characters, pitting them against the reality that is their new world. They are emotional wrecks (as one would expect) – vulnerable and confused but also strong and determined. In other words, they feel real in every way!

The Vault is an excellent follow up and – though I’m sad to say goodbye – a really great end to the series.

12/14 Becky LeJeune

THE VAULT by Emily McKay. Berkley Trade (December 2, 2014). ISBN: 978-0425275887. 384p.

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