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Natty spends a lot of time juggling her various responsibilities. With two teenage daughters and a busy hotel to run, it’s a lot for anyone to handle. But Natty has the help of her husband, Sean, and together they make it work. Then their eldest has to be rushed into surgery while on a trip to France. Natty wants to be by her side but worries about how her family and work will handle her being gone.

Fortunately, her longtime friend, Eve, arrives in the nick of time.

Eve offers to stay and help out at home while Natty travels to France. But Natty’s relief is short lived when she returns to discover that Eve and Sean have begun a serious affair. It seems in spite if their friendship, Eve is set to take Natty’s place. But Natty isn’t going to go down without a fight.

Keep Your Friends Close is a really twisted thriller. We’re talking Fatal Attraction meets The Hand That Rocks the Cradle craziness. And it’s completely awesome.

Daly quite disturbingly offers readers a glimpse into Eve’s mind throughout the story. Let me tell you, Eve is one scary and manipulative monster of a character. There’s no question about siding with Natty, but there’s also Sean to consider in the matter. I love how Daly builds the story, leaving the reader not quite sure how to feel about Sean’s actions. It makes Keep Your Friends Close both an intense thriller and an emotional psychological suspense.

11/14 Becky LeJeune

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE by Paula Daly. Grove Press (August 19, 2014). ISBN: 978-0802123206. 320p.

One Response to KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE by Paula Daly

  1. Paula says:

    I just finished this a week or so ago. Loved it. I can’t say any of the characters were really well liked, but it certainly doesn’t take anything from the story. Btw, if you haven’t read Daly’s other novel, Just What Kind of Mother Are You? that was terrific as well. Hard to put down!

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