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When Cassie discovers that her husband has been having an affair, she’s crushed. She’s been betrayed in the worst way and her marriage is over. But after ten years as a wife and homemaker, Cassie isn’t sure what to do next. Enter Cassie’s three best friends.

Kelly in New York, Anouk in Paris, and Suzy in London all offer to let Cassie stay with them in their respective cities for four months.  While she’s there they’ll find her a job and help her pick up the pieces of her life and move on. But most of all, they’ll each offer Cassie the support she needs while she figures out what she really wants most out of life.

Cassie’s plight is a common one in fiction, but I have to say Swan’s book was refreshing even when it did wander into cliché territory. Yes, it’s pretty obvious how some of Cassie’s story is going to play out – especially in the romance department – but I loved her. I really, really loved her. I wanted things to work out for her. And I loved her friends, even when their continued makeovers and makeunders were their own obvious attempts to remake Cassie into mini-me versions of themselves.

Christmas at Tiffany’s is a lighthearted and romantic read, and not – in spite of what the title suggests – a Christmas book at all. But it is 100% sweet and fun and pretty perfect any time of year if you’re looking for a light and heartwarming read.

11/14 Becky LeJeune

CHRISTMAS AT TIFFANY’S by Karen Swan. William Morrow Paperbacks (October 28, 2014). ISBN: 978-0062364104. 592p.

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