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A book that is a glimpse into the near future of the United States. It is partially a brilliant novel involving both a military and political scenario, but also a glimpse into what may be the future of our country.

The opening indicates a United States that is rapidly running out of oil and oil reserves. Fracking didn’t have the future predicted for it, and other sources dried out. A huge oil reserve is discovered off the coast of Tanzania in Africa and the American president decides that this is the answer to the U.S.’s problems.

Under pretensions of obtaining desired regime change in Tanzania a military attack is ordered against that nation. Tanzania is allied with China, but the erroneous decision that China will not intervene allows the military incursion to proceed. Greer gives a very real description of the events of that attack, and the subsequent intervention of China.

The American army finds that many of it’s vaunted weapon systems are not as designed due to the necessity of kickbacks to Congressmen and Senators in order to get approval for those systems instead of better designs. The result of the war is a major defeat for the United States, and the first instance of an America having to surrender to an enemy. The cost of the war and the end results push the States into a series of revolts against the government and a national movement for secession by some of them from the Federal government.

This segment of the book describes what could be our future based on the political environment currently in practice where politicians are not patriots, but seek and keep office for personal gain only. While Greer is writing a novel, it certainly can be construed as a prediction of a down-sliding of our union based on current trends and the falling away of real patriotism among our citizens and government.

This is a book to read and ponder about and examine our future based on current events. There are central characters that interact and are involved in the action, but the force of the book and it’s message precludes the necessity of fleshing them out. They are people that would evolve in the scenario Greer paints and that suffices.

Very well done, and certainly a must read for readers thinking about what could happen over the next several years to a country that has allowed patriotism to become a dead issue.

11/14 Paul Lane

TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING by John Michael Greer. Karnac Books (November 1, 2014). ISBN: 978-1782200352. 400p.

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