THE BURNING ROOM by Michael Connelly

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This is the latest Harry Bosch novel, and it is another excellent addition to the series and frankly, I’m running out of superlatives to describe Connelly’s work.

Harry is still working with cold cases, but has a new partner, Lucy, a young Latina woman who has distinguished herself early in her career. Being Harry, he has his doubts about her but is willing to give her a chance.

They are assigned a rather unusual case; a mariachi player had been shot ten years earlier and incapacitated, and the shooter was never found. The man has just died and with the bullet finally extracted, the case has new information available.

Harry and Lucy make a good team. He’s got the investigative skills, and she’s got the techie skills and both are zealous about their work. But when it appears local politicians may be involved, things get “hinky,” as Harry would say.

Harry is getting older and is in his last year of the DROP, a forced retirement program that is costing the Los Angeles Police Department a ton of money. He knows that administration is looking at any excuse to cut people from the DROP and save a few bucks, which just adds to the stress of the job. And for me, seeing Harry so close to the end of his career is bittersweet; I can’t imagine the series ending, so I’m hoping it takes a turn in some way. Harry’s always been so scornful of private investigators, but it is always an option I guess, or maybe more of a merge with the Lincoln Lawyer series? Just speculating…

Michael Connelly is the undisputed king of the police procedural, and The Burning Room is a superlative example.

11/14 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THE BURNING ROOM by Michael Connelly. Little, Brown and Company (November 3, 2014). ISBN 978-0316225939. 400p.

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