THE UNDYING by Ethan Reid

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Best friends Jeanie and Ben have chosen the wrong time to visit the City of Lights.

They arrive in Paris on New Year’s Eve jet lagged but looking forward to experiencing everything the city has to offer. The following morning, hung over and not quite rested, Jeanie awakens to witness the building across from her window explode in a hailstorm of fire. Another American in their hotel believes they are experiencing a catastrophic world event in the making: fallout from some sort of asteroid or comet impact. He warns the two that this is only the beginning – that they should gather supplies and find a safe place to ride out what will come next.

As they make their way through the city, the friends quickly realize there’s another aspect to this disaster that their acquaintance didn’t mention. Whatever the impact was, it seems to have had an odd effect on the citizens of Paris. The survivors now find that they’re being hunted by creatures that very much resemble the walking dead.

Ethan Reid’s debut is one of the first releases from the new Simon451 imprint. It’s a nice blend of science fiction and horror that pits a heroine still reeling from the loss of her father against an army of zombies and the end of the world. In other words, it’s pretty darn fun.

The Undying does leave a lot of things in the air. What caused the actual event, what happened in South America, what’s next for Jeanie… fortunately the author’s blog does mention additional titles in the works.

Available as an ebook or audiobook only.

11/14 Becky LeJeune

THE UNDYING by Ethan Reid. Simon & Schuster/Simon451 (October 7, 2014). ASIN: B00K3NEEC4. File Size: 1870 KB.

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