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A novel set in the Pacific Northwest beginning with a hunt for a wolf that has been killing and eating sheep and other domestic animals.  The hunt fades into the background of the book as ex Sheriff Patrick Drake is released from 12 years of incarceration in prison into the watchful eye of his son Bobby who himself works as a deputy Sheriff.  Patrick’s wife had passed away prior to the opening of the story, and while Patrick tried to continue to raise his family he soon fell into major monetary problems.  His solution was to hook up with some rather unsavory men and was then convicted of one of the biggest crimes that had occurred in the area.

Patrick moves in with Bobby and Bobby’s wife until he can get “on his feet”  His son has his own problems in attempting to build a life with the background guilt of his father’s past haunting him.

Huge problems arise for all when it becomes known that Patrick hid a large quantity of money from the crimes committed before going to jail.  Two convicts who were jailed at the same time as Patrick are aware of the hidden money, break out of jail and start hunting the funds.  The crimes stemming from their breakout and the pressure to find the money cause a rampage of murder and terror.

Waite’s handling of events in the book is excellent, fast moving and keeping his readers glued to the pages.  A must read and one that recommends Waite for the forefront of adventure writers.  And of course the problem of the wolf becomes solved in the course of the action and satisfies the desire for a logical ending.

10/14 Paul Lane

SOMETIMES THE WOLF by Urban Waite. William Morrow (October 21, 2014). ISBN: 978-0062216915. 288p.

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