THE ICE CAP AND THE RIFT by Marshall Chamberlain

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Ancestor Series Book 2

Chamberlain’s premise for the book is a fantastic one. Due to a comboquake that threatens three continents, a 15 mile rift tears into Iceland’s largest ice cap. Advanced satellite imagery shows a large cavern containing objects and structures that should not be there. John Henry Morgan head of the U.N’s Institute for the study of Unusual Phenomena (ISUP) and his team is sent into the area and finds that the cavern was occupied 180,000 years ago and contains a perfectly preserved high tech environment and a travel machine.

Unfortunately after this discovery Chamberlain turns the book into a plot by Islamic extremists working with China to steal the travel machine and the Americans to prevent this and than to recover it when it is stolen. Allusion is made to events in Belize occurring in the past and delineated in a previous book. Without having read the previous book the premise of a fabulous science adventure is obscured. There are two interludes in which action by an alien race is aimed at controlling events on earth surrounding the discoveries, but there is no clarity to these asides either.

The idea of discovering high tech remnants from a distant past possibly placed there by an alien civilization originating on a distant planet is a fascinating one. The book “The Mountain Place of Knowledge” by Chamberlain is book one in the series, and should be read by anyone looking to derive greater enjoyment from this one. Without that one, book three which is obviously planned will push the reader even further behind.

The portion of the chase by the U.S. to retrieve the stolen travel machine is well done and can satisfy a reader who is not that interested in the reason for that chase.

10/14 Paul Lane

THE ICE CAP AND THE RIFT by Marshall Chamberlain. The Grace Publishing Group; First edition (October 2, 2014). ASIN: B001EJODF4. 311p.

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