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Sixteen-year-old Teresa has a gift, she can read people’s memories when she is near them, and it makes her feel like a freak, especially when her father, a New Jersey crime family boss, uses her.

Her mother is a trophy wife extraordinaire; when her husband is killed, she immediately ingratiates herself with the new crime boss, despite the fact he’s trying to kill her daughter.

Teresa takes off and is rescued by Andre Mandak, who kills the three men who are chasing her. She is very distrustful, but Mandak convinces her that he can help her learn to control her gift. In the process, he changes her name to Allie, places her with an older couple and she lives a relatively normal life of a college student.

Then her cover is blown and she’s on the run again, and Mandak helps her flee in return for her help; it turns out he has need of her gift and she is determined to help.

Their mutual attraction adds another layer to this fast moving story, and this standalone thriller combines suspense, paranormal and romance into one whirlwind read.

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10/14 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THE PERFECT WITNESS by Iris Johansen. St. Martin’s Press (September 30, 2014). ISBN 978-1250020055. 352p.

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