RUN by Andrew Grant

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In this standalone thriller, Grant introduces computer consultant Marc Bowman, and right out of the box, he is fired from the same company that employs his wife. Bowman has this idea that he is sure will make him millions, only he needs the data he collected from the company to run tests, so he steals it.

The impact of that bad decision gets more and more twisted and dangerous every day. First his computer, along with his million-dollar idea, is stolen, then his wife walks out on him. Marc has the unfortunate problem of believing every person he speaks with, despite their conflicting stories, so he never knows who to really trust.

Ultimately, he finds himself on the run, zigzagging from one unreliable character to the next, dodging bullets and more in a race to stay alive and keep one step ahead of whoever is out to get him.

Grant writes his character into a corner, and the only way out is to use a ploy that doesn’t really work and creates a rather unfortunate ending. For readers who enjoy corporate espionage or high tech thrillers.

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10/14 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

Another opinon:

A novel opening with the speed and power of a machine gun and continuing in that mode all the way to the very end. Marc Bowman is a computer expert working as a consultant.  His problems begin with his going to work on a normal Monday at a high tech company he is currently solving problems for.  He walks in, is escorted to his boss and fired being told only that there are cutbacks in personnel throughout the company.

Going home his wife, who is an executive level employee at the high tech company he was fired from, returns home and demands that he return company property he stole when leaving.  He did load a flash drive with data that he was developing and refuses indicating that it was his plans for a design of a breakout software package and not property of the firm. An argument ensues and  his wife stalks out, the first of a week long set of problems  for Marc.

The next morning he awakens, his wife still gone and finds the front door wide open. Marc of course calls the police. Sets of run ins with the police that came in response to his call, Homeland Security and the FBI, running and hiding ensue throughout the remainder of the week, all apparently are due to the content of the material on the flash drive.

What’s going on and what  are the  problems Marc attempts to answer in the midst of trying to rectify the breakup with his wife. This is a book that will capture the reader from the start and not let go until the end.  It is  an all nighter and definitely one to make anyone reading it a fan of Andrew Grant anxiously awaiting his next book.

10/14 Paul Lane

Note: Andrew Grant is Lee Child’s brother.

RUN by Andrew Grant. Ballantine Books (October 7, 2014). ISBN 978-0345540720. 288p.

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  1. MaryC says:

    I’ve read his first two books – RUN is on my library list.

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