THE WHITE SEA by Paul Johnston

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An Alex Mavros Mystery

Private Investigator Alex Mavros returns in his seventh adventure set in Greece. Local police have a problem; Greek billionaire Kostas Gatsos is missing and they need help to find him.

The highly dysfunctional family is offering a small fortune to launch the investigation with the promise of more to come when Gatsos is found, but they are not forthcoming about their activities.

Mavros has lost his wife, his elder brother has been missing for years, and with the dismal Greek economy, he is living at home with his mother. He cannot afford to turn down the money so he launches an investigation.

Gatsos made his fortune in the shipping industry, but was involved in many shady deals and made enemies along the way. Meanwhile Gatsos’s captors are putting him through mock trials, finding him guilty then sentencing him to torture.

In a seemingly disparate story, Jim Thompson is an Australian traveling the world and leaving wives in various ports. Thompson shows up at the denouement, helping to bring these storylines together in a riveting climax. Readers who can tolerate torture scenes will enjoy the beautiful international setting and all the action in this fast paced, twisty story.

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10/14 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

THE WHITE SEA by Paul Johnston. Creme de la Crime; First World Publication edition (October 1, 2014). ISBN 978-1780290676. 240p.

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