IN A HANDFUL OF DUST by Mindy McGinnis

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After an outbreak of polio hits their small society, Lynn and Lucy strike out for California. Though Lynn has spent all of her life living in one spot, defending her little pond, she knows that Lucy needs more. Lucy needs people. Lucy needs hope. What Lucy doesn’t need is to be faced with the fear and animosity that falls on her after the cause of the outbreak is narrowed to either her or her boyfriend as a carrier.

Some say that after the Shortage parts of California were able to maintain some semblance of normalcy. The stories suggest that folks there were able to come up with a way of making ocean water drinkable. There they wouldn’t have to worry about harsh winters and the promise of limitless water means no more living or dying by their small pond.

The road will be long and the journey will be difficult, but together they’re willing to face the challenges ahead in hopes of a better future.

Mindy McGinnis does it again. This companion/sequel to Not a Drop to Drink returns readers to Lynn and her unforgiving waterless world, this time throwing Lynn and young Lucy into a cross-country journey that tests their limits. Fans of McGinnis’s debut will no doubt find this second outing equally satisfying (and harrowing.) but even if you’ve not yet read Not a Drop to Drink you can easily start with In a Handful of Dust.

McGinnis is definitely not afraid to put her characters in the thick of it or to expose her readers to some ick, so if you’re a more sensitive reader this might not be the best choice for your TBR. All I’ll say about that here is: Oh, Vegas.

09/14 Becky LeJeune

IN A HANDFUL OF DUST by Mindy McGinnis. Katherine Tegen Books (September 23, 2014)). ISBN 978-0062198532. 384p.

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