ASSASSIN’S GAME by Ward Larsen

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David Slaton was a “kidon” for the Israeli Mossad. Kidon are assassins doing the work called for by the agency. He left the service to marry a girl he was very much in love with and settled down in Virginia in the U.S., expecting to live an ordinary life.

Unfortunately, the Mossad finds they need his particular talents once more. A scientist in Iran has brought that country to the brink of perfecting a nuclear tipped ballistic missile.

Several attempts to assassinate him, all unsuccessful and resulting in loss of life on the part of the assassins, were tried. The head of the Mossad believes that a source within the organization has been leaking information to the Iranians to prevent the assassination.

In order to circumvent the leak, it is decided to reactivate David. Aware that he would not be willing to come out of retirement the decision is made to kidnap his wife and return her only when the job is done.

Larsen makes the search for David’s wife, and the attempt to kill the Iranian scientist into one of the most exciting novels in a long time. Action runs from Sweden to Switzerland and of course, Iran in a torrid pace. This is not a book that can be put down without finishing it.

There are surprises, all within the scope of events depicted and are logical,and at several points just stunning. I’ve read previous novels by the author and never been disappointed, but Assassin’s Game might be his best. Highly recommended for a great read.

9/14 Paul Lane

ASSASSIN’S GAME by Ward Larsen. Forge Books; First Edition edition (August 26, 2014). ISBN 978-0765336729. 384p.

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  1. Shell Kanzer says:

    LOVED THIS SQUEL. Read the perfect assasin. I’ve been reading this author’s books for many years, he just keeps getting better.

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