HOUNDED by David Rosenfelt

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This is the twelfth entry into one of my favorite series featuring attorney Andy Carpenter. I fell in love with this character in the first book, Open and Shut and have loved every book since.

Andy gets a phone call from one of his closest friends, police captain Pete Stanton. He asks Andy to hurry over and to bring Laurie. They arrive at a home with multiple cop cars out front and when Andy hears a dog barking, he knows why he was called. Turns out a friend of Pete’s has been killed, leaving his young son and his dog behind. Pete not only wants Andy to take the dog, he wants them to take the kid too, in hopes of keeping him out of the system.

Andy feels like a kid himself but Lauri agrees and then things get really complicated when Pete is arrested for the murder. Andy thinks Pete is being set up, and all the regulars are there to help – Laurie, his long time girlfriend, and an ex-cop turned private investigator; Marcus, top notch security; Hike, a lawyer who helps out Andy when he takes a case; Sam, the accountant and computer hacker extraordinaire; and Willie, an ex-con who partners with Andy and runs their dog rescue foundation.

This is a complicated case, and Andy definitely will need more than his usual courtroom antics to keep Pete out of jail. Someone with a lot of money and a lot of reach is trying to have Pete discredited and jailed. The more they dig, the deeper they get into something really sinister until the shocking ending.

Hounded is a fine addition to the series. If you like legal thrillers, or dogs, or humor along with your murder and mayhem, don’t miss it.

9/14 Stacy Alesi

HOUNDED by David Rosenfelt. Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (July 22, 2014). ISBN 978-1250024749. 3208p.

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