ULTIMATUM by Simon Kernick

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Kernick delivers another fast paced engrossing novel concerning an attack on London by a terrorist group. He uses characters from a previous book but without having read that, the allusions to people and events in that book are sufficient to allow the reader to understand enough to enjoy this one as almost a stand alone.

Deputy Commissioner Tina Boyd and Detective investigator Mike Bolt of the London police are brought into the investigation of an explosion in a London cafe set by terrorists who had previously attacked a hotel in. The terrorist,s in a phone call to the authorities, announce another attack in twelve hours time from the cafe atrocity.

William Garrett, nicknamed “The Fox,” captured by Tina after the events in Siege,  indicates that he knows who the bombers are and will only talk to Tina.  He will reveal who they are, but only at a price.

Action is an adrenaline rush from the beginning and doesn’t let up at all. Tina and Mike had had an affair, and while working together seem to be rekindling the spark.  Another book is alluded to be in the offing as events move towards the climax in Ultimatum, and should be as exciting as this one is.
Good read, action packed, and guaranteed to keep the reader up all night and awaiting the next one.

9/14 Paul Lane

ULTIMATUM by Simon Kernick. Atria Books (September 9, 2014). ISBN 978-1476706252. 352p.

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