DEAD OF NIGHT by Jonathan Maberry

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Dead of Night Series (Book 1)

Stebbins County, Pennsylvania is in for a rough night. With a dangerous storm in their midst, many of the people in the area are unaware of another more pressing danger.

Notorious serial killer Homer Gibbons has recently been executed and has been secretly transported to Stebbins County where his only living relative has insisted on burying him. Locals are unaware of the connection – everyone had thought Gibbons had no living relatives at all – and it’s this change of plan that sets Stebbins County and its citizens on an awful and catastrophic path. See Gibbons isn’t dead, at least not in the traditional sense. Gibbons has been the focus of a very secret and deadly experiment, an infection that will soon be unleashed on an unsuspecting community.

Maberry is a longtime favorite for horror fans. His Pine Deep trilogy is hailed as a phenomenal debut series and his Joe Ledger books are the perfect blend of science fiction, horror, and action. Dead of Night delivers on all fronts – it’s a zombie apocalypse tale that begins with a science experiment gone wrong. Of course everything works together to become a perfect storm for the spread of the zombie plague and before long the fictional Stebbins County is all but done for. But only just – there is a sequel, after all.

While the reader gets a glimpse at many of the area’s inhabitants, the main focuses of the story are Dez Foz, a local cop with a military background and serious abandonment issues, and her ex Billy Trout, a regional newsman. Trout uncovers the truth behind the outbreak just as Dez is facing it down. And as their home gets literally torn apart, they both have to come to terms with the impossible and try and figure out a way of surviving it. Basic zombie apocalypse fare but with a style and flair that’s all Maberry.

9/14 Becky Lejeune

DEAD OF NIGHT by Jonathan Maberry. St. Martin’s Griffin; Original edition (October 25, 2011). ISBN 978-0312552190. 368p.

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