ON THE ROCKS by Erin Duffy

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Abby and Ben are finally ready to tie the knot. It’s an event everyone has been waiting for – ten years in the making, in fact. But just months before the big date Ben breaks it off. Via Facebook.

Mortified and single once again, Abby is facing a summer as a shut in binging on Ben & Jerry’s. Her friend Grace has other plans, though. A coworker’s summer rental has fallen right into Grace’s lap and offers both of the girls an opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy some fun in the sun. Abby finally agrees, also vowing to hit the dating scene while she’s there. Sadly, a lot has changed in the decade since Abby was last single.

Erin Duffy’s Bond Girl was hilarious and witty, setting the bar quite high for On the Rocks. Fortunately, Duffy’s second release is just as charming and funny as her debut. This time instead of Wall Street Duffy takes on the world of dating, and it’s horrible. Dating, that is – not the book. Anyone who’s dated – ever – can sympathize with Abby’s experiences.

But On the Rocks isn’t just a summer romance, or a story about a girl searching for romance. It’s a story about friends and being there for one another. Sure, it’s filled with lots of hilarious dating horrors, but it’s also packed with the warm and sweet sentiments that are shared by the best of friends. The ones who stick by you when you’re down and try to pick you back up again.

9/14 Becky Lejeune

ON THE ROCKS by Erin Duffy. William Morrow (April 22, 2014). ISBN 978-0062205742. 320p.

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