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Edie Kiglatuk Mystery Series #2

When Edie agreed to be part of her ex-husband’s Iditarod team, she never expected to become embroiled in another murder mystery. And yet, when Edie stumbles across the body of a baby boy buried in the snow she can’t help but get involved.

Local investigators are convinced the person responsible is part of a nearby religious group called the Old Believers. The group has long garnered criticism and the fact that the body is found on land owned by the group doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that Edie witnessed two of the Old Believers passing by just moments before making her discovery.

To Edie’s eye, however, the infant had been in place and undisturbed for quite some time and the Old Believers seem to be too easy a scapegoat. Unfortunately for the Old Believers, the discovery of the body coincides with the current governor’s race and the local hopeful is set on having this case solved as quickly as possible.

This is the second installment in M. J. McGrath’s Edie Kiglatuk series – a mystery series with a half Inuit lead. This is something of a unique premise for a series and I thought McGrath handled it really well. Edie seems authentic in terms of heritage and viewpoints. There’s enough cultural reference to set the tone for her and the Alaskan setting quite nicely, too.

I should note that this was my introduction to Edie and her story and while there are plenty of mentions of the case that is the focus of the first book I never felt lost or confused. The Boy in the Snow is a fair jumping off point for anyone new to the series and a great introduction to Edie.

8/14 Becky Lejeune

THE BOY IN THE SNOW by M. J. McGrath. Penguin Books; Reprint edition (October 29, 2013). ISBN 978-0143124146. 400p.

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